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 We specialise in the supply and fitting of top quality Mohair hoods for all types  of cars, and can also provide hand tailored hoods for coach built vehicles.

 Hand made headlinings in top quality materials including English Woolcloth,  leather and leatherette.

 Supplied and fitted in Wilton 100% wool carpet and a selection of other quality  carpets, finished in leather, leatherette or vinyl binding.

 We specialise in the classic car market, using only top quality materials from  proven suppliers. Partial and full re-trims undertaken. Local panel work for  seats, door panels, dash etc. Steering wheels also re-trimmed.

 We offer a connollising service and can match leatherwork in any make of car.  We are happy to carry out work on interiors with contrasting piping.

 These can be hand made in leather, Mohair or Everflex to customer  specifications.

 Made to measure in Everflex.

 We can also provide a wood finishing service and specialist electrical work on  site.

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